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Skydive Orlando Photo - Click to Expand!If you've already experienced tandem skydiving and you're itching to slice through the sky in a slightly different way, then take the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) approach and get cleared to jump solo in as little as 7 jumps!

Our vendors will put you through a highly regimented training program that will teach you all the tried and true FAA standard safety procedures. If you know you're interested in skydiving as a hobby, then this program is just right for you. Our vendor will teach you all the necessary skydiving skills and safety procedures so that you'll be fully confident once you're stepping up to start your new favorite pass time.

Whether you would like to try an AFF one time, or finish the entire course, Skydive Orlando is here to assist you. Your first AFF will be safeguarded by the presence of two expert skydive instructors who will escort you throughout your entire exhilirating experience.

Level One

The first level of your skydiving training typically takes two full days. On the first day, you will be training in a classroom environment with your jumpmaster. You will learn everything from skydiving terms to techniques used during freefall!

Level Two

Get ready for the biggest rush you will ever experience! You will exit the airplane with two instructors who will guide you through the freefall process. After the deployment of your canopy, an instructor on the ground will direct your canopy ride and landing via radio. Once everybody is safely on the ground, your instructors will review your video and go over any improvements, if any, that you may need to make.

Level Three to Five

You will be focusing on body movements and formation during freefall so you can prepare to take the big leap without the assistance of instructors. Throughout levels three to five, more advanced techniques will be introduced such as gliding!

Level Six and Seven

Congratulations! You are now jumping with just one jumpmaster! He/she will be judging your plane exits and performance on the techniques learned throughout the prior levels. You will still be learning new maneuvers, but will focus on mastering the basics. We recommend getting a video for your seventh level, as this will be your last skydive with an instructor!

Level Eight

You will be completing your first solo skydive! That's right, no instructors, just you and the beautiful sky. Most level eight jumps are around 5,000 feet. You will exit the plane and experience a couple seconds of freefall before you deploy your canopy.

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*To make any Florida skydive you must be at least 18 years of age.